Loyalty Solutions
A Multinational Company working in rural markets

A leader in the field of bovine genetics, this multinational company’s customers are predominantly farmers in rural areas.

The requirement was for a Cloud-based software platform that allowed channel partners / distributors access for enrolling farmers into the company’s multi-tier Loyalty Program.

A Leading Retail Chain of 100+ stores

The company is one of India’s fastest-growing chain of retail stores.

The objective was to set up and manage an effective Rewards Program where people could enroll into the program, earn and redeem Rewards Points from any location in the country.

A Multinational Furniture Company

A leading 100-year old MNC with a strong presence in India operating in a niche market.

The organization was confronted with a situation where a large amount of business was transacted in a fairly unorganized sector.

Payment Solutions
A Leading Multiplex Chain

The company is arguably the largest chain of Multiplexes in S.India.

The requirement was to vastly improve an existing Closed Loop payment system to keep pace with the Group’s rapid growth plans.

A Leading Amusement Park & Resort

Part of a large, diversified Group, the organization runs a luxury resort attached to an amusement park that is one-of-a-kind and hugely popular with residents nearby and tourists alike.