A Multinational Company working in rural markets

A leader in the field of bovine genetics, this multinational company’s customers are predominantly farmers in rural areas.

The requirement was for a Cloud-based software platform that allowed channel partners / distributors access for enrolling farmers into the company’s multi-tier Loyalty Program.


A key factor was to overcome challenges related to internet connectivity due to the remote locations of the target audience, the farmers.

The acceptance of the Program amongst both channel partners / distributors, as well as the farmers was also another critical factor.


A mobile App on the channel partner’s / distributor’s phone combined with basic 3G connectivity overcame the challenges and ensured smooth capture and flow of data. As the target audience – the farmers – were not tech savvy, the program had to be simple, collection of data smooth and transaction notifications instantaneous.

All objectives were met with the mobile-App driven approach that made it easy for both the users and the end-customers.

Additionally the marketing office and corporate office have been able to successfully monitor customer enrollments across the country, distributor sales, membership upgrades, top performing customer data, demographic data etc.


The result has been a hugely satisfying program implementation exercise for the company in what was a tricky and challenging environment. The Loyalty Program has helped the organization break new ground and gain a huge advantage over its nearest competitors.

The Loyalty Program itself has been very well received by both customers (farmers) and distributors alike.

A Leading Retail Chain of 100+ stores

The company is one of S.India’s fastest growing chain of retail stores.

The objective was to set up and manage an effective Rewards Program where people could enrol into the program, earn and redeem Rewards Points from any location in the country.


The chain of stores were situated in large cities as well as smaller towns with less than perfect telecom infrastructure. The growth too was going to happen mostly in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

The challenge therefore was to put in place a solution and an implementation plan keeping in mind the above factors.


A centrally hosted Customer Loyalty Platform was integrated with the PoS software with the following work-flow:

  • Customer enrollment would happen at any store with basic details being captured
  • Transactions would take place after unique customer id (in this case mobile no.) is accepted in the PoS software.
  • The data from PoS would be pushed asynchronously at regular intervals from the store PC to the hosted Loyalty Platform.
  • The data gets consolidated on the server and customer awarded points for the transaction.
  • If customer chose to redeem points, the same would be allowed if he had adequate credit balance. This would have to happen real-time.

The company was able to launch and run a hugely successful Customer Loyalty Program that has helped it to build a large and loyal customer base in an extremely competitive market resulting in a much stronger brand. The trend has continued after the company’s launch of a very successful online store.

A Multinational Furniture Company

A leading 100-year old MNC with a strong presence in India operating in a niche market.

The organization was confronted with a situation where a large amount of business was transacted in a fairly unorganized sector.


The organization needed to therefore, implement an effective Rewards Program for its contractors who played a key role in influencing customers to buy the company’s products.

The software platform had to facilitate enrollment of contractors and reward them based on sales achieved due to their efforts.


A centrally hosted Customer Loyalty Platform facilitated the following:

  • Simple membership sign on process
  • Transaction data uploaded on batch mode at back office.
  • Validation to check and prevent duplication of data
  • Analysis of data at head office to monitor customer enrollments across the country, distributor sales, membership upgrades, top performing customer data, demographic data etc.
  • Quick and easy communication via text messages about transactions, current Reward Points balance etc.
  • A plan to implement a Mobile App for users is currently being considered.

By some out-of-the box thinking & implementing an effective rewards program, the company has been able to manage the contractors better than competitors which has meant better sales and bottom-line for the business.